The physical characteristics of Pitbull dogs are as follows;

The strongest components of those dogs are their skulls and jaws.Their ears are often lower and upright. His eyes are spherical.

Pitbull dogs’ teeth look like scissors.

The back is short, straight and very strong. The abdominal part is in an inward form.

Tail sections are short compared to physique structures.

The front of the legs is thick. The hind legs are muscular, the heels are perpendicular to the ground.

Hair is short and hard.

Evaluation of American Pitbull Terrier Breeders;

With Children – 10/10
Trainability – 6/10
Exercise Needs – 7/10
Power Stage – 7/10
Acting – 7/10
With Other Dogs – 6/10
Between Other Animals – 6/10
Protectionism – 3/10
Average Life Time – 6/10